The Asifoscope

For quite some time, I hadn’t heard much of my extraterrestrial friend Tsish. Yesterday evening, I received a message explaining why. As far as I understand it, Tsish is currently stuck in an orbit around Jupiter. Tsish’s space ship seems to be exhibiting some peculiar kind of malfunction. The whole thing is quite absurd and does not make much sense. Here is the message:

Dear Nannus,

I have made a terrible mistake. You remember my last adventure, when I caused an interplanetary war, although only a virtual one (http://asifoscope.org/2013/02/16/a-letter-from-outer-space-part-ii/)? You might remember that I equipped my spaceship with an intelligent computer, and I gave it a voice. I have had no peace since then.

I used to enjoy sitting under the transparent astrodome of my space ship, looking at the stars, the moons and planets and the distant spiral arms of the galaxy, drinking a nice beaker of…

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