Keidel: Should Derek Jeter Retire?

CBS New York

By Jason Keidel
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Stars are inherently and vehemently vain. Much of their motor is fueled by the conviction that they are better than everyone else.

Kobe Bryant, every bit the basketball player that Derek Jeter is a baseball player, said that he would never lounge around a locker room only to average 18 points per game. Likewise, will Jeter be happy as a .260 hitter?

I’ve put premature postmortems on Jeter and been burned. (And thousands of you have gleefully reminded me.) But only the most jaded Jeter fans could ignore the obvious. Derek Jeter is older, slower, and injured. And there will be a day when he can’t play anymore. Will it be this year or next?

The only reason you’d find the question absurd is because it’s Derek Jeter, exacerbated by the walking triage the Yankees have become. Reading the current Yankee lineup is…

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