EDC Weekend In Chicago


Chicago’s B96 - 96.3 FM

Last night we walked through entrance gate to Electric Daisy Carnival where we were greeted with a massive fireworks display.  Then we heard a familiar voice emceeing.  Couldn’t pin point who at first but then he said ‘Blackhawks won by the way, but I’m Mexican I don’t care, I like soccer’ .  Then we knew it was Chicago’s own Alex Peace!  He introduced Chicago’s Bad Boy Bill to the EDC stage.  I cracked my glow sticks, danced my butt off and screamed my head off.  We came to hear Aviccii and other world names but the best set of the night was a Chicago superstar, BBB.

After BBB’s set we realized that wasn’t even the main stage! We walked over toward the Carnival area and saw the main area thousands of people deep.  We got a spot, danced and mingled with everyone.  People were friendly, there were no fights, no…

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