Paul Graham: 37 Y Combinator Companies Have Valuations Of Or Sold For At Least $40M


Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham just tweeted an interesting data point about the valuations of YC startups. As of now, Graham says that 37 Y Combinator companies, out of 511 startups, have valuations of or sold for at least $40 million. Currently the total valuation for the 511 startups is $11.5 billion, as Graham writes on Hacker News.

My first thought when reading Graham’s tweet was which companies are included in this group. Graham says that Rap Genius is on the list. And there are a number of obvious ones because of acquisition numbers and valuations from past funding rounds of some YC alums. Facebook just bought Parse for $85 million. In its last round, Dropbox was reportedly valued at $4 billion. Heroku was bought by Salesforce for over $200 million.

Airbnb is reportedly valued at $2.5 billion. Loopt was acquired for $43 million. Zynga bought…

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