Prince Covers Pearl Jam, Rocks Hometown Show With 3rdEyeGirl


“Am I from here?’ Prince asked as the Minnesota crowd roared to life as the curtain opened on the second of two shows at the Myth in Minnesota on Saturday (May 25). The audience, lovingly referred to as “Hometown” throughout the night, may have paid close to $300 for their tickets, but they experienced an unforgettable show by Prince in full-on rock and roll mode. 

Starting the night off with a heavy blues rock remake of “Let’s Go Crazy,” Prince flaunted his new backing band, the all female 3rdEyeGirl. On drums, beautiful blonde Hannah Ford, belting out lyrics as she laid down solid rock drums and thunderous tom fills. On bass, Ida Nielson, with her pointed pigtails and heavily distorted blues basslines, brought the funk with bass pops and slaps that compelled the audience to dance. And on guitar, Donna Grantis, with her wild hair flowing over her…

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