Marc Agonistes

In crafting an immigration bill, Washington politicians are celebrating that “democracy is working.” They want kudos for doing their job. But we can be astonished that they even know how, we’ll see if a bill actually passes. That Congress thinks it deserves approbation for behaving like a legislative body is another manifestation of the absurdity of America’s socio-political climate.

Being a legislator requires skills, just as being a doctor does, a lawyer, or an auto mechanic. To be an effective legislator requires aptitude in negotiation, self-expression, command of language, global thinking, and persuasiveness. An effective legislator can achieve compromise, and achieve part of what he may want, if not all of it. Today, Congress is polluted with people totally devoid of these skills, hence its languor while the country deteriorates. Being elected to Congress isn’t intended to be an opportunity to do nothing other than boastfully adhere to one’s beliefs.

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