All of a sudden… TA-DAAAAA

Al-Must'arib (the vocational Mossarab)

The statement by the White House comes as Syrian government forces appear to be gaining momentum following a victory in the strategic city of Qusair, which was achieved with the help of a large number of fighters from the militant Lebanese group Hizbollah. In recent days, rebel leaders have pleaded with the US and other sympathetic countries to send weapons.

Amid signs that the administration remains deeply divided over how to respond, there have been a flurry of meetings of senior officials this week about Syria, as well as a visit from British foreign secretary William Hague, whose government has been pushing for more arms to be delivered to the rebels.

via Syria used chemical weapons, says US


(Art by Anthony Freda: Humanitarian Bombs)

All these reasons are far more determinant than any red line to cross… Fact is rebels are loosing the war, and US knows that a…

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