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I don’t usually comment on another blog entry, but a Michael Collins, commenting in the Wall Street Journal defines the problem in the Middle East so well, that I thought I would  share his comment:

“The fires of theocracy are going to burn the middle east to the ground. Notice how when the US stays out of it that the Sunni and Shiite begin killing each other?

Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq–these aren’t nations. It is time to stop to pretending that these are anything more than tribes with flags. It’s not their fault. Their national boundaries were drawn after WW I without regard to ethnic and religious affiliations. Sykes and Picot got it wrong. Badly wrong.

These countries should be divided among ethnic and religious lines. Sunni with Sunni, Shiite with Shiite. This is the only way there can be peace amongst a people that prefer theocracy over democracy.”


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