‘Respectful Catholic’ Nancy Pelosi Defends ‘Sacred Ground’ of Late Term Abortions

American Glob

John McCormack of The Weekly Standard had a chance to question Bela Pelosi today on the subject of late term abortion and Kermit Gosnell’s house of horrors.

The former speaker’s indignation was priceless as she invoked her status as a respectful Catholic and then claimed that the subject of abortion is sacred ground.

She also accused McCormack of politicizing the issue which is funny for reasons Ace explains here…

She accuses the questioner, John McCormack of the Weekly Standard, of “savoring” the question and injecting “politics” to a political platform the Democrats run on every two years and fundraise off of every single day.

Also note that as McCormack asks his questions, laughter can be heard from other reporters in the room.

Classy, guys. Real classy.

HT to Allahpundit.

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