Welcome to the Penile Inquisition

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Since there are no Congressional Committees waiting for men who want employee insurance to cover their “reproductive needs” and the Vaginal Inquisition was in full force, what choice did Mr. Limbaugh have but to attack the only person with a vagina in the room? Ms. Sandra Fluke created much consternation by suggesting to the male Vaginal Inquisition that insurance companies should cover contraception costs for women.

Clearly, it is not about access to health care, it’s about naughty females.

We’re all sinners. Both sexes succumb to the temptation of flesh. Rush isn’t the kind of guy that gets worked up over just ANYTHING and neither am I. The occasional purchase of sex for hire– with or without the Statesman In Diapers option, is excusable.  The occasional smuggling of illegal boner pills over the border? Forgivable, I say, as long as Americans are not asked to pay for these recreational activities.


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