Finding Your People

Much of this sounds very familiar. A good opportunity for some introspection. Well done!

The Waiting

I have always liked thinking about the relative simplicity of early humans. I imagine that they lacked the need to organize their peers into little piles like we do today: best friends, colleagues, schoolmates, hated enemies, people they drank with, people they prayed with. There was no hustle and bustle to meet with the disparate groups at dumb meetings. All the human interaction our distant relatives needed could be found within their clans.

The clan just was. In the day-to-day task of survival, there was no time or necessity to look for others outside it who you could “identify” with better or who would support your idealized image of yourself. You were too busy inventing fire, not because you wanted to patent it, but because you needed it to survive. There was no “unfriending” if someone looked at you weird or said something that ran counter to your view of…

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The difference between ‘seeing’ and ‘photographic seeing’

Very interesting “perspective.” Hah, couldn’t resist!

Will Hey Photography

Just a few days ago I was chatting with some fellow photographers about our most important moments of personal revelation in our chosen field. Anyone who has played about even half seriously with a camera has had one of these moments, I remember my first one happening the day I bought a ‘nifty fifty’ lens and I realised how useful a tool manipulating the depth of field could be when it came to isolating a subject.

Everyone I spoke to had their own experience but the one we all came back to as being the most important in terms of personal development was when we discovered the concept of ‘photographic seeing’.

‘Photographic  Seeing’ is based on the very simple but often overlooked realisation that the sensor does not deal with light in the same way that the eye does. The human eye can scan a scene and make impossibly quick…

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Imagine the Unlikely – Tip for writing when you get stuck

Sounds silly? Maybe. Evere tried it? No. Ever been stuck? Too many times. Why not see what happens? Suppose so – can’t make it worse.

Live to Write - Write to Live

So what happens when you hit that proverbial wall, you know the one where you are so out of ideas you sit in idle gear amazed at the ineffectiveness of your own imagination.  How do you work yourself out of that one?

Here’s a trick for you to try when you find yourself in this situation – start listing the most unlikely scenarios for your characters.

You know, like your character crosses the street and gets hit by a truck carrying poultry to a market (had to work in chickens somehow.)

Or looks down at her feet and find a flash drive dropped by an ex-Russian spy. (Hey who cares that your novel is based in the Victorian era?)

This is a case where something is better than nothing.

My point is that sometimes if you imagine something that is so outlandish and completely unlikely to happen, your mind…

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Audience At Obama Climate Change Speech Leaves Behind Their Trash

American Glob

In all fairness to Obama supporters, they probably thought someone from the government would pick up their trash. After all, doesn’t the government do everything for us?

Oh and just so you don’t think this was an isolated incident, here’s what the national mall looked like after Obama’s 2009 inauguration.

Is everyone aware that the Tea Party leaves public spaces cleaner than they found them?

Media? Liberals? (tap tap tap)

Is this thing on?

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